Online Inpatient Coding

16-WEEK COURSE - Inpatient Coder - Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) or Certified Coding Specialist (CCS). Starting Salary $75,000

Inpatient coders are skilled in classifying medical data from patients records, generally in a hospital setting. The inpatient credential validates expert level knowledge and experience in abstracting information from the medical record for ICD-10CM and ICD-10PCS coding. These coding practitioners:

  • Are knowledgeable about medical terminology, disease processes, and pharmacology
  • Review patients' records and assign alpha numeric codes for diagnosis and procedures
  • Understanding of outpatient reimbursement payment methodologies (OPPS)
  • Strong ability to integrate coding and reimbursement rule changes in a timely manner to include updating the Charge Description Master(CDM), fee updates, and the Field Locators (FL) on the UB-04

Coding accuracy is highly important to healthcare organizations, and has an impact on revenues and describing health outcomes. In fact, certification has become an implicit industry standard. Accordingly, the inpatient credential demonstrates a practitioner's tested date quality and integrity skills, and mastery of coding proficiency. Professionals experienced in coding inpatient and outpatient records should consider obtaining this certification.


Retained Registration-$150.00
Class Fee- $2000.00
(minimum down $525.00)

CIC Book Bundle- $250.00
CIC Workbook-$120.00
Mandatory Automatic Drafting


Books should be ordered through AAPC
2018 Facility Coder Bundle
2018 ICD-10-PCS