Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA)

Medical auditing is a critical piece to compliant and profitable physician services. Whether it's RAC audits, private payer denials, or just peace of mind, more physicians plan to have audits conducted regularly. The risks of being non-compliant with documentation and coding are too great. In medical auditing you will be able to use proven knowledge of coding and documentation guidelines to improve the revenue cycle of nearly all healthcare practices.

  • Medical documentation, fraud, abuse, and penalties for documentation and coding violations based on governmental guidelines.
  • Coding Concepts
  • Scope and Statistical Sampling methodologies
  • Medical Record Auditing skills and abstraction ability
  • Quality Assurance and Coding Risk Analysis
  • Communication of Results and Findings
  • The medical record

The CPMA credential demonstrates your mastery of all code sets, evaluation and management principles, and documentation guidelines. Certification can lead to advancement opportunities within your current practice or health care organization, or help you land a more fulfilling and rewarding position with a new employer. Certification will help you stand out in today’s crowded and intensely-competitive job market.


  • $1000.00 (minimum down $350.00)
  • Retained Registration-$150.00
  • Books-$370.00
Payment Options
  • weekly-$63.50
  • bi-weekly – $125.00
  • monthly-$250.00
Mandatory Automatic Drafting
Starting Salary $64,000